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Teachers Skill´s for the school of the future
Competências dos Professores para a Escola do futuro
Competencias de los Profesores para la Escuela del Futuro


Research project conclusions presentation and debate
Presented at Education International Conference
Technologies of informatisation in professional activities 
(in science, education and industry) at
Udmurt State University

Izhevsk  - Russia
November 2011

Part I – Presenting the research project and work done.
Opening note - Video available: 

Prof. Pedro Veiga - Lisbon University Pró Rector -
 e-Learning:  the evolution - Video available: 

Prof. António dos Reis - The Graal Institute President

Project overview - Video available: George Siemens - Athabasca University  - Canada
About methodologies and technologies - Video available  

 Prof. Norbert Pachler - Director: Education Institute / London University - UK

Part II – Presenting case studies, experts opinions, final debate and conclusions

Corvo – Portugal Remote village - Azores Islands - case study on implementing ICT

Arino – Spain Remote village - case study on implementing ICT

Experts opinions video -
Prof. David Richardson

Linnaeus  UN. Sweden

Prof. Sixto Cubo

Extremadura University – Spain
Prof. Xabier Basogain
Basque Contry University
Prof. Filipe Carrera
Lisbon Technical University
Prof. Paulo Pinto
Lusiada University – Portugal
Different skills in different education and geographic levels

Prof. Carlos Nunes

Algarve teacher's trainer Education Ministry

Prof. Eugenia Smyrnova - Trybulska
University of Silesia  – Katowice,  Poland

Prof. Max Ugaz
University of San Martin de Porres - Peru

Prof. Nuria Salvador / Prof. A Reis
video debates